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What is the number of jouwar you fall in each day ?
Over 20
One continious joura from home to work
None (i go walking)
I stopped counting
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Potholes (jouwar) noun. plural
Pothole (joura) noun. singular



How did it start was founded by Elie Abou Saab, after his volunteer experience for over 8 years as a first aid rescuer in the Lebanese Red Cross, where he encountered hundreds of accidents, knowing some of the latter were caused by drivers negligence; the majority were caused by poor road condition and improper maintenance, after the red cross Elie continued his volunteering path but this time through his position as a managing director for CreaPix - a Digital Media Agency - to create an awareness directory for potholes in lebanon so people can report their findings to help other citizens avoiding those death traps.

Mission Statement

Responding to natural or man-made poor road conditions and potholes, mission is to alleviate citizens suffering and protect them from accidents, damages and other inconveniences that might cause serious damage to their cars as well to their health. is a non profit website with an aim of creating awareness on a problem that Lebanon has been suffering for a long period of time. provides a database of pothole submitted by users and fellow citizens, updated on a regularly basis to create a pothole directory sorted by areas which by working collaboratively with local municipalities would assist them to better take charge of their jurisdiction in terms of road maintenance and repairs.


  1. Create an awareness map so drivers can avoid.
  2. Creating a database of potholes that would be sorted by municipalities.
  3. Create awareness of the possible dangers of pothole and improper road maintenance.
  4. Facilitate the access of interested municipalities for fixing potholes in their region.
  5. Create a tracking system to assess response time for potholes from the date they were reported to the date it was covered /repaired
  6. Provide legal evidence and precedence of legal cases where municipalities/ government had to compensate the damages due to poor road maintenance and negligence.
  7. Create a Hotline so that citizens can report a pothole to the designated authorities.